New: Stats, chatbots, and QR scanner

New: Stats, chatbots, and QR scanner

Over the past couple of months, we've added a few new features to Coupon Carrier that have been highly requested.

Here are the highlights:

  • Zapier: Support for unique IDs and email addresses
  • MailChimp: Add codes to your existing subscribers
  • QR code generator and scanner
  • Email and usage statistics

Zapier: Support for unique IDs and email addresses

We've always had support for distributing unique codes from a code list using Zapier. But this required that you provided an email address to receive a code. There are many cases where you don't have access to an email address, but you do have other unique values such as a user id or a unique submission value.

We've now added support for fetching unique codes from your code list using either an email address or a unique custom value, like a user id. This opens up the possibility to use Coupon Carrier with chatbots, like ManyChat, and surveys where you don't always have access to your customer's email address.


MailChimp: Add codes to your existing subscribers

Sending out unique codes to new email subscribers is one of the most used features we have. Which works well for newsletter signup and other welcome incentives. But there are also times where you already have a group of subscribers that you want to send out unique codes to.

A promotion like Black Friday is a great example where you want to email a unique code to your existing customers. You could solve this earlier by using our Redeem Link in a standard MailChimp email, but many of our customers expressed that they would like to include the code directly in the email.

List Update

List Update is a new feature, currently only for MailChimp, that allows you to specify a list or segment and then add unique codes to each of the subscribers. We store the code in a merge field that you provide, and you could then use this merge field in a standard MailChimp campaign.

Read more about this new feature in this article: Add unique codes to your existing MailChimp subscribers

QR code generator and scanner

Displaying your codes as QR codes is something that we've been able to do for a long time in Coupon Carrier. But not all locations have a POS system that can generate a list of unique codes and then also scan them.

So we create two new features to solve this problem. First, we've added a new type of autogenerated code list that can generate new random codes, so you don't have to that yourself.

Autogenerated code list

Second, we've added a QR scanner that can be used on your mobile device. This app can scan and redeem codes that have been generated by Coupon Carrier. The scanner feature will let you know if and when the code has been scanned previously.

Read more about this feature in our guide: How to distribute and scan QR codes for physical stores, restaurants and events

Email and usage statistics

Our Code Email has been updated to include statistics for opens and clicks. So you can now see how many interactions you have with your emails that are sent out using our built-in email.

Email statistics

Previously we showed how many codes that had been delivered to a specific configuration. But for some integrations, we can now also display how many times a code has been used. For Shopify, this means that you can see how many discount codes that have been delivered and also how many discount codes that have been used in orders. We'll soon add the total order value for determining your ROI.

Code usages