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Distribute unique codes — that you provide — to your subscribers.

Coupon Carrier allows you to import a list of unique codes and then have it distribute these codes to new or existing subscribers. You can think of it as a mailman. It can be used to deliver unique codes to new subscribers or to send out codes using automations like birthdays or ecommerce events.

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Send out a unique code to each new subscriber

Import your list of unique codes into Coupon Carrier and then use our Welcome Email to monitor one of your lists for new subscribers. When Coupon Carrier is notified that a new subscriber has been added it will pick one of the available codes and send out an email with the code to the new subscriber.

This email can be customized with your own subject, email message, company logotype and an optional button with a link to your website.

If you need additional customization you can also configure Coupon Carrier to trigger a custom automation that you've created. This automation can be entirely customized by you and you can include the unique code using a merge tag.

Read more about the Welcome Email

Distribute codes in automated emails based on events

Our Redeem Link can be used in any kind of automated email or campaign sent from MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. A common use is birthday and ecommerce automations. It's a custom link that you insert into the email as a button or link.

When this link is clicked by a subscriber they are taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown. The first time the subscriber clicks the link the code will be assigned to them and any subsequent click on the link will show the same code — unless configured otherwise.

Read more about the Redeem Link


Does it work with Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce etc?
Coupon Carrier works with all platforms as long as you use it together with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. It works because we monitor your list directly so it doesn't matter how your subscribers are added to your list. It can be either via some kind of form or API integration.
I want to send out codes that expire after X number of days
Coupon Carrier can only distribute codes that you've imported and can't affect how or if the codes will actually work in your store. You can think of Coupon Carrier as a mailman, we just deliver the codes and it's up to you to make sure that the codes you import will actually work when someone wants to use them.
What happens if I run out of codes?
We automatically send out a notification to you once 90% of the codes have been used. If you run out of codes we will store the requests until you are able to add additional codes. Once you’ve added more codes you can tell Coupon Carrier to retry the stored code requests.
Can I use Coupon Carrier for multiple campaigns or lists?
You can create multiple Coupon Carrier accounts, each one connected to different lists. That way you can subscribe people to different lists depending on which discount they should get. You can also import different sets of codes into each Coupon Carrier account.
Do you support sending out QR codes and barcodes?
We have partial support for QR and barcodes. The feature is still in a test stage with a number of our customers. Contact us for more information about how you can use this in your Coupon Carrier account.


We use credits to charge for the usage. When you import lists of unique codes into Coupon Carrier we use one credit for each code you import. Depending on your usage we offer different packages of credits. These credits don't expire and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with our product.

500 credits
2,500 credits
10,000 credits
High volume

Create a Coupon Carrier Account
All new accounts receive 50 free credits