We help you distribute your unique codes.

Send out unique codes to your customers and subscribers when they join your email list or campaign, receives a tag, places an order, etc.

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Code email

Deliver Unique Codes Using Our Code Email

Based on application triggers such as a new email list subscriber, ecommerce store customer or a new order, we'll pick a unique code from a list that you provide and then email it to the subscriber.

  • Incentivize new customers by giving them a discount code when they subscribe to your email list
  • Offer additional discount codes to existing customers when they place an order
  • Distribute pregenerated unique license keys to those who join your list

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Redeem Link

Let Your Customers Redeem a Code Using a Link

In cases where you can't use our Code Email we have a Redeem Link that you can use basically anywhere. When the recipient clicks on the link they are redirected to a landing page where their unique code is shown. The big difference compared to Code Email is that a code is only assigned to a recipient once they've clicked the link.

  • Distribute affiliate codes to your subscribers. You can create a new Redeem Link for each campaign
  • Allow a subscriber to redeem multiple codes by using multiple Redeem Links in one email
  • Distribute codes from custom automated emails based on ecommerce or birthday events (if your email service provider supports it)

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Campaign Monitor
Active Campaign

We've helped 1,000+ businesses to distribute millions of unique codes to their subscribers.

"Coupon Carrier has been a huge help for us. We love the ease of use and intuitive integration with ActiveCampaign. This allows us to send targeted messages to customers that create a sense of urgency, resulting in more sales. "

Jordan Skole, Space Gear

"This app works exactly as described. With this app, we are able to offer new newsletter sign-ups a unique coupon code to use with their next order. Very satisfied with the app, interface, and customer service!"

Po Campo Bags

"This app is great! I just put a pop-up on the front page of my website for 10% off if you join our email list. Then I had to figure out how to implement this with mailchimp. This app was the answer. It was easy to install and now I can give out unique welcome discount codes to my customers."

Just Shoes for Kids

"Coupon Carrier easily integrates with popular email marketing and e-commerce platforms, allowing retailers to broaden their promotional strategies by automating the distribution of exclusive offers and deep discounts to specific groups of customers."

Small business


  • 500 codes included per month
  • $0.04 for each additional code
  • 1 active configuration
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  • 5,000 codes included per month
  • $0.02 for each additional code
  • 10 active configurations
  • Unbranded emails and landing page
  • Prioritized support
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High volume?

  • Custom number of codes per month
  • Custom number of configurations
  • Custom email templates
  • Unbranded emails and landing page
  • Prioritized support
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Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes! Each plan is renewed monthly, or annually, so you can cancel at any time. When canceled your accout will be active until the end of that period – but won't renew after that.

What's a configuration?

Each Code Email or Redeem Link created as a configuration. They have their own settings and they can pick codes from different lists. Each plan has a max number of configurations that can be active at the same time.

Can I pay annually?

Sure! We offer prepaid annual accounts at a discount. You get 2 months free when you purchase a 12 month subscription. You can read more about our annual plans here.