Increase sales with unique coupons

A code distribution platform for delivering unique time-sensitive discounts and coupons. Perfect for email signups, cart abandonment, restaurant promotions, and software keys.

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We've utilized Coupon Carrier to generate over 34,000 new customers for our BBQ restaurant client while growing their email list to well over 56,000 customers in the past 24 months.

Maza Marketing
Zach Reichard
Partner & Co-Founder, MAZA Marketing Inc

By using Coupon Carrier's integration with Zapier, we were able to build a robust survey and reward system. The client is super-pleased and we look like heroes for making it all work seamlessly!

A flexible distribution platform

Deliver codes using customized emails, links, or chatbots. Quickly combine our features to create a solution to suit your business needs.

E-Commerce Stores

Incentivize email list sign-ups and improve cart abandonment conversions by offering discount codes in your emails.

Unique and time-sensitive
Discount codes are created automatically in your store with your specified values and expiry.
Discount ROI
Track discount usages of delivered codes used in e-commerce orders to see the success of your campaign.
Email automation friendly
Monitor email lists, segments, or tags for new subscribers and deliver codes to them.

Restaurants, Brick-And-Mortar Stores, and Physical Locations

Increase foot traffic by offering redeemable digital coupons. Import your pre-generated coupons or use our built-in code generator.

Mobile scanner
Create QR codes and scan them on location using a mobile device.
One-click redemptions
Digital coupons that can be marked as used once the offer is redeemed.
Mark as used feature

Additional platform features

Use your own codes

If you have a list of codes that you want to distribute, you can import them from a file.

QR/Barcode support

Most of our features offer the option to display the code as a QR/Barcode.


View detailed reports on delivered/used codes. Export the data as CSV files.

Integrates with the tools and services you already use

We integrate with the most popular email services and e-commerce platforms – and we're continually adding more integrations. Use our popular Zapier integration to connect to thousands of services and create truly customized solutions.


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